The city's most visible borough president (sorry, C. Virginia, running for mayor doesn't count), Brooklyn's Marty Markowitz, has gotten his wish: Now drivers (and bikers and pedsetrians) leaving Brooklyn by way of the Williamsburg Bridge will see signs that say, "Leaving Brooklyn? Oy vey!" Markowitz tried to propose this sign in January 2004, but the Department of Transportation said no. The "Oy Vey" sign was a suggestion someone made after Markowitz unveiled the "Leaving Brooklyn...Fugheddaboutit" sign, which some felt stereotyped Italian-Americans, because Markowitz would most likely happily stereotype all of his constituents in order to prove to the world that Brooklyn is the greatest borough in the world. Gothamist thinks he could probably make signs for neighborhoods, like "Entering Park Slope? Be careful of the strollers running over your feet!" or "Taking the G? Good luck"

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