Occupy Wall Street's funds are getting tighter. According to the General Assembly's website there's roughly $44K in a general fund and $90K in a bail fund for the massive protests planned for May 1. It doesn't appear that the totals include the cash to be donated from a group of wealthy backers (including the founders of Ben & Jerry's) but concerns over lack of funding somewhat belie the point of OWS.

"Occupy Wall Street is about our abundant human resources—the creative talent, dedication and sweat equity of people here and elsewhere that have decided to stand up against a corrupt and unjust society run by a powerful elite few," OWS spokesman Ed Needham told Reuters.

Current expenditures include food and subway cards for protesters to travel to meetings and an "average" bail amount is around $2,000, depending on the charges, according to the GA.

Matt Taibbi, who spoke at a recent Occupy protest, told us, "I fully expect Occupy to crank up their presence in the spring, especially when the conventions meet. They have the potential to make a huge impact on the election." We're inclined to agree. The question is: will donations flow to OWS if their impact is visible enough, or will the money flow into election coffers?