Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters convened at Canal Street and 6th Avenue to discuss options after the early morning raid on the Zuccotti Park encampment. Marchers have been discussing the restraining order that effectively allows them back into the park (though the city appears to be defying it).

The protesters disagreed about whether they should continue marching (they are heading toward Zuccotti Park through Tribeca) or wait for a second group who is meeting with Trinity Church about park space to occupy. OWS released a press release (read the entire text here) saying, "Public space plays a crucial role in this civic process and encourages open, transparent organizing in our movement. As we have seen in Liberty Square, outdoor space invites people to listen, speak, share, learn, and act."

Update 10:32 a.m.: After marching through TriBeCa, protesters are at Zuccotti Park now—police are trying to pen them in barricades on the Liberty side, according to Jake Dobkin who is at the scene.

Update 10:39 a.m.: Dobkin tells us, "Some people are scaling barriers. This is getting hairy." Harry Siegel Tweeted, "Arrest at the border #zuccotti for trying to pull the gate - "get this motherfucker get this mofucker right now" with a photo.

Update 10:46 a.m.: Protesters have been waving the court order that allows them access back to the park. The Daily News Tweets, "NYPD have pinned protesters on the northern edge of Zuccotti; Riot cops are moving in and a clash appears imminent " James Thilman tells us that he's seen at least one arrest on Cortlandt Street, Siegel Tweets that a photographer with press pass has been arrested.