The Comfort Station has become an integral part of life for those living at Zuccotti Park, distributing clothing, blankets, tampons, shaving needs, and body wash to overnight occupiers. However, one item you'll have trouble finding there is condoms. "We don't have any on hand." said Victoria Tran-Trainh, a Pace University student from Boston who helps keep the operation running smoothly. "I guess the General Assembly decided that we shouldn't hand out condoms any more, that people shouldn't be having sex in the park. But a lot of people seem to be to giving them out anyway. If we had condoms here and someone wanted them, I wouldn't say no because that's stupid," she added.

The makers of NüVo condoms are among those taking it upon themselves to ensure that occupiers practice safer sex. By midday three workers said they had distributed over 1500 condoms. "We give away 300,000 condoms a year... 50,000 at the pride parade alone," said NüVo's marketing director Behn Goldis. Noting that the media has been trying to portray the occupiers as horny, disease ridden hippies, Ben Isaacs, VP at NV Healthcare (distributors of NüVo Condoms) said that he doesn't think anything out of the ordinary happening at OWS. "This is just a microcosm of what's happening in America," he said. "STDs and unwanted pregnancies are on the rise in this country and we are here to curb the tide one by one." Asked about the GA's decision to stop handing out love gloves, he added, "We are not here telling people what to do or when to do it, but when they do it we hope they use a condom."

And if protesters—or anyone in New York City—really need a condom and doesn't have cash, they can always duck into a bar and grab some free ones courtesy of the NYC Health Department. Need to find out which establishment has them (hint: not McDonalds)? There's an app for that.