Last we checked in with our favorite offensive bumper sticker enthusiast, Heshi Fried, he was explaining to us why Hurricane Sandy was God's way of punishing Sheldon Silver and the Lower East Side for supporting gay marriage. You know that phenomenon where a person sees their picture in the paper, hates it, and decides they need to lose 15 pounds immediately? Well, Fried had his own version of that: he looked at the photo of his offensive bumper, and decided he could use a few more. So he's unveiled his latest piece of intolerant poetry: "Boston MASSacre: G-d's response to America's 1st gay marriage state."

Not everyone was as charmed by Fried and his logic-based homophobia as we were it seems—one of his neighbors, presumably a Jewish person, left a note on his windshield giving him a strong piece of their mind.

To the owner of this car:

And you wonder why the rest of the world hates us?!?!

You are one of the worst people to ever come into existence, and you make the rest of us look bad. I hope you burn in hell you pathetic excuse of a human being.

Whoa whoa whoa, hold up their feller—there's no need to group Fried in with other Jewish people. We have a feeling he'd be much more comfortable being grouped together with likeminded individuals such as Kirk Cameron, Mel Gibson, and Russia.