You don't know shame until the Post mocks you the day after the Post prints its interview with you. That's the lesson Maria McCormack, who complained to the paper about her "baby"—a red Dodge Charger—being damaged by an apparently suicidal man (she said, "I want to meet [jumper Tom Magill] and say, 'Why? Why my car out of all the cars in the city?'"). According to the Post, now McCormack says, "I have not slept since this has happened. My heart and prayers go out to the family. I've been praying for Tom. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery."

Magill, 22, is believed to have jumped from the 39th floor of 75 West End Avenue near 63rd Street on Tuesday morning. McCormack's husband Guy had borrowed the car that day and parked it in a dead end—and the vehicle apparently somewhat cushioned Magill's huge fall (he could have been going more than 100 mph). The young man, a Fordham graduate who had once lived in the building, was described as looking like a "pretzel" after crashing through the car's back windshield; he has undergone many surgeries and face a long recovery, if he is able to survive other complications.

McCormack had told the Post in Thursday's interview, "I wonder how he feels now that he made it. Does he feel like an idiot? I hope he's OK. But I just want to know why," which infuriated Magill's friends. One said, "The damage to the car -- it saved his life, and that's what you should care about, not your car!" while another offered, "I think it's unfortunate that someone would value a material object over someone's life."