The mystery of the empty kayak that surfaced along the East River in DUMBO this week—prompting a concerned response from the NYPD and FDNY—has been solved. Turns out the missing kayaker was eating pizza ("I wanted a piece of pizza from Brooklyn"). Meanwhile, he left his kayak there unattended with all his stuff drifting into the water, panicking passersby who called 911.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Tyler Jordan was visiting New York from Virginia with the express purpose of kayaking around the city:

[H]e had just docked his ride there at around 1 pm so he could sate his craving for an authentic Kings County pie at Dumbo’s best pie joint, Front Street Pizza...Jordan indulged in two hard-earned pepperoni slices...

He then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to check out the 9-11 memorial, planning to make it back within an hour-and-15 minute-window before the tide rose. But as he was walking back over the Brooklyn Bridge, Jordan noticed his kayak parking spot had turned into a crime scene. He thought perhaps someone had gotten into his boat and accidentally injured themselves — only to find that he was the man they were searching for.

“I saw all of the lights, all of the trucks and boats swirling around while I was going over the Brooklyn Bridge,” he said. “I saw tons of people there and thought, ‘Uh-oh, maybe they’re actually looking for me’ ”

The kayak on ground (Jen Chung / Gothamist)

Not only were there four boats in the water looking for Jordan, there were also four FDNY vehicles and an ambulance, plus firefighters, Parks Department workers and at least a dozen police officers.

After setting everyone at ease, Jordan continued on his merry way:

But now a new mystery emerges: Why did Jordan eat at basic Front Street Pizza when he could have enjoyed the far superior pizza from Juliana's nearby? Sad!