Yesterday, the NY Post put Mark Rosenthal on its front page, claiming that the 400-pound union leader works only 2-hour work days, when factoring in his lunch and nap. So of course the Post had to follow up by finding Rosenthal and showing him the newspaper:

Shown a copy of yesterday’s Post featuring photos of him sleeping at his desk on different days, the 5-foot-7, 400-pound Rosenthal defended his work as the president of the local repping members of District Council 37.

“With everything going on in the world, a picture of a big fat guy sleeping shouldn’t be on the front page,” Rosenthal said. “It hurts. You think I like being so heavy? I’m fat, but I have feelings, too.”

He revealed that diets haven't worked, referred to his naps as "power naps," blamed sleepiness on medication (from falling through a chair at McDonald's) and confessed that he can't get lap-band surgery, "The doctor said I’m unable to do the operation because I’m too big."

Another weird detail: His apartment was raided years ago because his roommate was arrested for his role in a meth sting. Rosenthal says that he's not another Walter White, "Did you ever see a 400-pound meth addict?... This is ridiculous. I wasn’t involved. I wasn’t charged with anything."