Did you notice anything different about the weather this morning? The skies are still clear but the humidty has been slowly rising since yesterday. Could there be clouds on the way? Yes. A cold front in the Ohio Valley vicinity will make its way across New York tonight. Before that front arrives we should see clouds this evening and perhaps some showers overnight. Before then we're looking at highs in the low 80s for much of the area except right along the shore where an afternoon sea breeze will keep the temperature to the 70s.

The air masses on both sides of the cold front are pretty dry. Any rain tonight will be scattered and not terribly impressive. Clouds may linger for a while tomorrow morning but Saturday afternoon is expected to be cool and dry with a northerly breeze and a high around 75. Sunday looks to be a couple of degrees cooler.

Clear skies should stick around on Monday, but the city may actually have a rainy day on Tuesday. Early indications are that a fairly strong storm will develop over the Great Lakes on Monday and bring showers and thunderstorms to our region on Tuesday. It's too soon to predict the details on that storm so get outside and enjoy the weekend.