Three Grand Central workers were busted for sneaking whiskey and pot into their underground office during their overnight shift on Thursday. Supervisor Stephen Hussey, foreman Eugene Sokolowski, and mason Thomas Palazzola each received a summons for alleged marijuana possession after MTA investigators discovered them sitting around a table with bags of pot and a half bottle of whiskey just 20 minutes into their shift. So is that where all the Union Square pot went?

A breathalyzer test confirmed that just one of the three men had been drinking, and they are all due to appear at Midtown Community Court next month. Metro-North is now launching a full internal investigation, and said in a statement, "Alcohol and controlled substances have no place in any of our facilities; finding them here is absolutely unacceptable."

"Party Central" was reportedly located off Track 100 in the terminal, where tradesmen shops were transformed into the city's most secret speakeasy. But you can't blame them; it was just the next logical step from the bar car.