Another dog has died after being left in hot van, and this time the owners aren't to blame. According to the NY Post, Laura Garner and Robert Hardon's French bulldog Percy died after hired dog sitters let him overheat in a van. The dog was still alive when dropped off at their Upper West Side apartment, but was ailing and left to die alone.

The incident happened last July, and now Percy's "parents" have filed a $1MM lawsuit against Queens-based company Doggie Love. Allegedly an employee dropped Percy off, but after a hot van ride he was overheated—according to court papers, the building's doorman and a neighbor both asked the employee about calling a vet or giving the dog water. For some reason, none of this was done, and Percy was later found dead, laying in front of the air conditioner. According to the Daily News, he was found by his regular dog walker, who said he was also dirty and covered in twigs.

A vet examined his body and found his body temperature to be high, and said he suffered from seizures. The owner of Doggie Love, Nilo Mathias, told the couple, "sometimes, dogs just die," while his partner, Marla Abrams, seemed to embrace their story coming out, declaring: "I've always wanted to be a story in the New York Post."