In a testimony before Queens Supreme Court yesterday, Jiyeon Byun detailed being allegedly sexually harassed by her boss, "designer vagina" Dr. Robert Rho, when she started as his receptionist in 2008. She says her married boss groped and kissed her, took her to dinner and tried to buy her affection with free beauty treatments, once allegedly saying, "I should liposuction your belly and transfer the fat into your breasts." But back up, just what is a "designer vagina" surgeon anyway? According to Byun's lawyer, Bryan Arce, "He makes your vajayjay look nicer." Just look at these before and after shots! (Warning: do not look at before and after shots.)

Byun claims she repeatedly refused Rho's offers to go to dinner or even Atlantic City, but Rho's lawyer says any contact between the two was consensual. "There was no sex, there was no groping," he said. "There was no invitation to go to the local hotel. There was no invitation to go to the supply closet. She wasn't forced to do anything." He said Rho kissed Byun at a romantic lobster dinner he took her to shortly after she began working for him, but, "She didn't stop him. She didn't say, 'Dr. Rho, you're a married man.'" He also objected when Arce used the term "vajayjay," but if we learned anything from "Grey's Anatomy," that's just the scientific term for vagina.