In a rare crackdown on parking placard abuse, the city arrested almost 30 people and charged them with using fake parking placards.

The Post reports that "almost 30" people were named in sealed indictments going to the Manhattan Supreme Court today, all of whom are getting charged with making and using fake parking placards modeled on NYPD parking placards, which allow them to avoid parking enforcement.

According to ABC7, the suspects in the scheme were arrested this morning, after a grand jury indicted them on charges including forgery and impersonation. After agreeing to give tens of thousands of parking placards to Department of Education employees earlier this year, Mayor de Blasio also promised that his office would crack down on the problem by adding a $100 fine for placard misuse on top of the parking violation fine.

While the arrests today focus on forged parking placards, the issue of "professional courtesy" given to people without placards or expired placards is still running rampant, based on a look at @placardbause. Someone who runs the Twitter account, which documents what the collective behind it says are instances of misused placards and favors given to people with NYPD paraphernalia, says that they were harassed by police earlier this year for their campaign against placard misuse.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined to comment on the charges, pending the completion of the arraignments later today.