Sometimes you hate your old lawyer so much you just want to sue them until it hurts. And sometimes, your legal efforts get so redunkulous a judge has to order you to stop suing. To that end: Meet lawyer Donald Schechter! After he had himself relieved from representing Alexander Breytman in a 2003 landlord-tenant dispute, the latter went a little nuts, harassing the attorney with legal filings and letters that called him a whole slew of interesting invectives.

Eventually Breytman sued his ex-lawyer for $20 million, accusing Schechter of being antisemitic (among other things). In particular his suit referred to the lawyer's “Gabble antiseptic rant against Jew in Germany.” Which, wow. We've heard people refer to the Nazi propaganda minister as "gerbil" but gabble is a new one to us.

Anyway! Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack was having none of it and, in his decision, recommended that Breytman heed Casius in Julius Caesar ("The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."). Then he barred Breytman from suing Schechter or his firm in New York without the permission of an administrative judge. Case closed.