Forty years ago today, NASA's Apollo crew went to the moon, with astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong setting down on the moon's surface while Michael Collins orbited above. NASA has various features on its website, like a real-time replay of the mission. The space agency has also released a montage of the mission (below) and enhanced footage (after the jump):

The Apollo 11 crew gathered yesterday to remember the historic mission. Armstrong said, "The space race faded away. It was the ultimate peaceful competition," while Collins said he got to be part of the team through "10% shrewd planning, 90% blind luck." Collins also said, "Sometimes I think I flew to the wrong place," referring to how Mars would be more interesting.

The NY Times has a section for Apollo 11 anniversary-related features, including an article about the disbelievers.

One small step:

Raising the American Flag: