[UPDATE BELOW]The latest NYPD crime stats show that there were 513 assaults and robberies from October 2014 to September 2015 in city parks this year, in addition to 21 rapes and murders and 439 lesser crimes. The new crime numbers were released amidst a string of muggings in Central Park this week..

As first reported by A Walk in the Park, Central Park had the highest number of total major crimes, with 79 committed during that period, including two rapes, 4 felony assaults, and 44 grand larcenies. Other parks with high crime rates, include Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, with 48 total crimes, Riverside Park in Manhattan, with 42 total crimes, and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, with 25 total crimes.

There were 7 murders in parks during this period, including in Astoria Park in Queens, Bronx Park in the Bronx, and Forest Park, also in Queens. Manhattan and Queens parks each saw six rapes during that period, and the Bronx saw 4.

A Walk in the Park notes that excluding Central Park, murder was up 300 percent from the fourth quarter of 2014, with robberies up 17.82 percent and felony assaults up 29.17 percent. In Central Park, there have been 3 rapes so far this year as compared with 0 in 2014, and robbery is up 20 percent, though grand larcenies are down about 72 percent, per NYPD data [pdf].

The Parks Department says that despite these statistics, crime is not high in city parks, relatively speaking. "Thanks to the city’s Parks Enforcement Officers and NYPD, crime in parks remains very low; fewer than one percent of crimes take place in NYC Parks, which represent 14% of land in the city," a spokesperson told us in a statement yesterday. Though it appears from presented data that there's been an increase in crime, according to the department, it's impossible to compare this year's numbers with last year's, thanks to a requirement that police post quarterly crime stats starting in the 3rd quarter of 2014. You can see 2015's third quarter parks crime report here [pdf], and 2014's fourth quarter report here [pdf].

The Parks Department argues that overall crime decreased 11.1 percent in 31 of the city's largest parks in 2014, and noted that Mayor de Blasio has pledged $5 million in funding for Parks Enforcement Patrol Officers in the 2016 city budget, which will keep an additional 80 patrol officers on staff through next year.

The NYPD has not yet responded to request for comment.

Update 12:56 p.m.: The NYPD provided us with the following statement:

Crime in city parks over the twelve month period referenced in your story is less than 1% of all reported crime in New York City during that same period. City parks represent 14% of New York City land mass, which makes them one of the safest places in the city and the country. Crime in New York City is on pace for a new record low and New York remains the safest big city in America. The fear mongering and lack of perspective your headline offers is misleading, at best.