Over 200 Affordable Apartments Near The Manhattan Bridge Are Up For Grabs...If You Win The Lottery

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The city's housing lottery, which should really be called the housing jack squattery because that's all I ever win from it, is back with an enticing new offer for anyone who manages to meet the income requirements and beat the odds: over 200 apartments that cost $1,230/month at most located next to Extell's controversial One Manhattan Square development.

229 Cherry Street is the affordable housing annex of the Manhattan Bridge-dwarfing One Manhattan Square going up in the Lower East Side. And, between now and January, 2nd 2018, you can try to get your hands on one of the apartments in the building up for grabs.

The offerings are 49 $949/month studios (for people making between $34,355 - $40,080 per year), 51 one-bedrooms (for individuals making between $36,823 - $40,080 per year and two-person households making $36,823 - $ 45,840 per year) and 104 two-bedrooms (for two-person households making between $44,160 - $45,840 per year, three-person households making $ 44,160 - $51,540 per year and four-person households making $44,160 - $57,240 per year).

Curbed mentions that you won't get to take advantage of the amenities given to the people who live in the actual enormous skyscraper nearby, like an adult treehouse, but unlike other housing jack squatteries, you'll be able to use amenities like a fitness center and a lounge at no extra cost. Ah who wants to hang out with a buncha rich jerks in an "adult treehouse" anyway?

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