After opening up its weekend H1N1 vaccination clinics to priority groups beyond public school students, the Health Department gave out 15,606 free vaccines this past Saturday and Sunday (the previous weekend's clinics saw less than 4,000 people receive the vaccines). Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley told the Daily News that in spite of NYC's low infection rate, "We haven't escaped it entirely. Rates are falling in most of the country now, but they're still rising here."

There were long lines at P.S. 290 on the Upper East Side, the only Manhattan clinic location this past weekend (there were one each in the Bronx and Staten Island while Brooklyn and Queens each had two locations). All told, the number of vaccinations in Manhattan represented 38.4% of the total, while Queens had 26.4%, Brooklyn had 15.4%, Staten Island had 10.4%, and the Bronx 9.4% (the figures are after the jump).

The Health Department is holding these weekend clinics for three more weekends—for priority groups like pregnant women, anyone 4 years through 24 years of age, persons 25 through 64 years of age who have underlying health conditions that increases risk of severe illness or complications, and
anyone who lives with or cares for children less than 6 months old—here's a list of locations.

Total number of vaccinations given on Sunday 11/15: 7,822 Sheepshead Bay H.S. 700 Brooklyn P.S. 196 534 Queens I.S. 77 608 Queens P.S. 19 1,370 Manhattan (P.S. 290) 3,035 Bronx (H.S. 166) 845 Staten Island (I.S. 51) 730 Total number of vaccinations given on Saturday 11/14: 7,784 Sheepshead Bay H.S. 696 Brooklyn P.S. 196 476 Queens I.S. 77 611 Queens P.S. 19 1,530 Manhattan (P.S. 290) 2,962 Bronx (J.H.S. 166) 616 Staten Island (I.S. 51) 893