2007_03_taxipaint.jpgAn interesting bill is being considered by the City Council: The NY Sun reports that City Council member John Liu is sponsoring a bill for a $3 million plan to put more taxi dispatchers in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Liu, who also chairs the Transportation Committee, said, "The reality of New York today is that people outside of Manhattan's central business district would like to jump in a cab on demand.As we have more economic activity outside Manhattan, we will get more demand for yellow cabs." The money would come from the $141 million the city made from taxi medallions sales.

However much the City Council may like the plan, it seems that livery drivers - as well as the Bloomberg administration - would oppose the plan. Apparently livery drivers consider the outer-boroughs "their turf." And it's unclear how successful these stands would be with hacks - one taxi driver said, "I'm not going out to Brooklyn or Queens empty. I'd probably use the stands only if I was coming in from the airports."

Photograph by Swaneeswan on Flickr