2006_01_willisavenuebridge.jpgGothamist decided to do a little bridge information digging after reading the New Yorker's Talk of the Town piece about how the Willis Avenue Bridge would be dismantled and is essentially for sale (but it's getting replaced - don't worry) and we came across this cool Department of Transportation Bridge Reconstruction Projects website. There are a bunch of projects on the list ("Rehabilitation of the 17th Avenue Bridge, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn," "Grand Concourse Reconstruction," "Rehabilitation of the Gun Hill Road Bridge over Metro-North Railroad") and some interesting diagrams and renderings. The Willis Avenue Bridge, aka the Third Avenue Bridge, project has taken a couple years and over $100 million, and as the New Yorker article stated, the new replacement bridge will be put beside it and the dismantling of the old, 105 year old bridge will occur in 2007. Photobloggers, pencil that into your calendars.

The DOT on the Willis Avenue Bridge. And read the DOT's Bridges and Tunnels Annual Conditions Report from 2004.