scary weather aheadSorry for the delay today, Gothamist has been enjoying the warm weather. It is currently 78 degrees in Central Park. The weather will half-repeat itself tomorrow. It will be sunny, but temperatures should only reach the low 70s. Still, that's pretty good for mid-October. Conditions will deteriorate starting late tomorrow night. Wednesday should be drizzly. Thursday may live up to its name and bring us a thunderstorm. Friday is looking rainy and chilly. According to the Weather Service, Friday's high will be in the upper-50s. The Weather Channel is calling for low-50s. And, judging from their graphic, AccuWeather believes a "Day After Tomorrow" scenario is in store for later in the week.

Last week the National Weather Service changed their forecasts. They used to present a zone forecast, which covers several counties, in an attractive manner on their site. They've since switched to a point-and-click forecast, which, to Gothamist's mind, makes the forecast appear more precise than current predictive capabilities warrant. Then again, maybe we are getting old and curmudgeon-like. The Weather Service still makes the zone forecasts available in their ugly, old-fashioned teletype format. And if you're a fan of the Weather Underground the forecasts they present are simply a repackaged version of the Weather Service's zone forecast, so all is not lost.

One new Weather Service feature is the Experimental Weather Safety Planner. If you are planning an activity that needs certain weather conditions, like a limited temperature range or calm winds, the weather safety planner lets plug in those conditions and your location. Based on that input the planner spits out the times when you can expect those conditions to occur. The planner doesn't include units for several of the options, like wind direction, speed, precipitation, and sky cover, so your guess is as good as Gothamist's as to what range of numbers to include in those categories.