As Governor Cuomo continues to complain about Long Island Power Authority's failure to bring lights back on for customers in a timely manner after Hurricane Sandy, LIPA employees facing mounting anger from customers—and out-of-state utility workers are being targeted too!

John Applewhite, who works for Lakeland Electric in Florida, is in the hospital after being attacked outside a Long Island restaurant on Friday. According to MyFoxNY, "after working a 16 hour day helping LIPA restore power after Sandy... Applewhite says a man in a black BMW drove up and asked about the power restoration." The man seemed friendly enough, but then, Applewhite says, the man got out of his car, "Just as soon as I got within arm's reach of him, he decked me." A co-worker, another out-of-state worker, who tired to help Applewhite "ended up with a bite wound on his hand from the attacker."

Applewhite and his colleague flew back to Florida on Saturday. Applewhite was admitted to a hospital and has a cracked cheekbone, broken nose, and broken jaw.

He said, "I'm not gonna let it get me down, I enjoy what I do and I'm not gonna let one person spoil that for me, I enjoy helping people out."

Nassau County police are still looking for an attacker. In the meantime, a lawyer has filed a class action lawsuit against LIPA.