Once upon a time, former Governor Eliot Spitzer was leading the polls in the race to be NYC's next Comptroller. Now, he's in a dead heat against Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, both candidates have 46%. Also: "Today, there still is no gender gap: 48 percent of women back Stringer while 45 percent back Spitzer. Men go 47 percent for Spitzer and 45 percent for Stringer. White voters back Stringer 58 - 35 percent, compared to 53 - 43 percent August 14. Black voters back Spitzer 52 - 40 percent, compared to 68 - 21 percent two weeks ago."

Quinnipiac Polling Institute's Maurice Carroll said, "The entire political and media world has jumped on Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's bandwagon, helping him poll-vault from 19 points down to dead even in just two weeks."

Spitzer has questioned whether Stringer has the qualifications to be Comptroller while Stringer has cast doubts about Spitzer's moral character.

The primary is on September 10th. Here's our guide to the two candidates.