Origami-like moves with an expired Metrocard

may not give you free rides anymore. The MTA is looking to reprogram turnstiles to make sure hucksters can't get free rides. The Post reports that the new program will "zap the magnetic strip of an empty Metrocard, making it impossible to manipulate it to steal rides." The MTA is "field-testing" the program at stations where it's most popular to sell bendedy Metrocards for $1/swipe (the MTA estimates it loses $16 million a year due to fare evasion, which also include jupming over the turnstiles and making people pay for rides on your Unlimited card). Sigh, this just reminds us that fare increase for unlimited Metrocards will be effective as of February 27.

And in a final subway note, today is the last day to comment about the MTA's proposed subway photo ban; comment here at the MTA's site.