So, how many showers did you take yesterday? Believe it or not yesterday's high temperature in Central Park was only 81, four degrees below normal! The dew point temperature, which is a measure of humidity, hovered around 75 yesterday afternoon. When the difference between the air temperature and the dew point is so small the air loses its cooling power because our bodies don't lose any heat by evaporating sweat. The dew point has crept up to 77 this afternoon, and you may want to take even more showers tomorrow, when the heat and humidity should peak.

With dew points as high as they are there's a good chance of rain showers this afternoon. The rain will be hit or miss but when it rains it will pour. So far the showers are developing mostly east of the city, but Gothamist is hearing a few thunderclaps. Tomorrow will be a warmer, muggier repeat. Maybe even a heat advisory. Wednesday: warmer, but drier and therefore much more pleasant.