Airport screening

According to new figures from the Department of Transportation, Of the nations 33 major airports the three New York Airports come in 31st (Kennedy - 69% on time), 32nd (LaGuardia - 67% on time) and 33rd (Newark - 66% on time) for on-time arrivals. Worse, our numbers this year were dramatically worse than last (an average of 6% less flights left on time). WOOP! We're not number 1!

Why the terrible timeliness? Firstly it doesn't help that we have an incredible, and increasing, amount of flights and business coming and going through our three airports (we're talking 1,184,186 flights from 07/04-07/05 carrying 98,165,872 people). Second, according to an FAA spokesperson, is the weather. And third is just the airports themselves, i.e. LaGuardia which only has two intersecting runways.

But if our airports suck, where do the planes land on time then? In order: Salt Lake City (83.19%), Chicago Midway (81.99%), Houston (81.83%), Denver (81.64%) and Cincinnati (81.39%).

And what can you do to get an on time flight? Fly early. Apparently 90% of flights leaving between 7-8 a.m. do so on time.