New York City Transit, the part of the MTA that oversees five-borough transport like subways and buses, revealed at a conference in Washington D.C. that the MTA made less than they thought they would after the 2003 fare hike. The NY Times writes that it was "because riders altered their buying habits more quickly and in bigger numbers than expected," meaning more people would buy wisely, like opt for unlimited monthly Metrocards. The NYCT guy who headed the structure analysis, Robert L. Hickey, said, "It's said that New Yorkers love a bargain and, true to form, our customers took the greatest bargain available." Well, of course: We'd be stupid if we didn't. Gothamist hopes to get our paws on a copy of this structure analysis (it's the perfect thing to read on a Saturday night!) and wonders if the MTA will make their revenues targets after the upcoming fare hike that will increase the unlimited Metrocards.

And the picture above is one of the winners from the Straphangers' Campaign subway and bus photo ban; the photograph, "Slice of Life," was taken at the 23rd Street Station by Garry Walker.