More subway stories!

- A judge ruled that L train conductors must remain on board, shooting down the MTA's challenge to a ruling that an arbitrator made. Got that? The MTA has been removing conducts off the L train, as it shifts to one-person operation, but the transit workers' union had an arbitrator find that was actually illegal. So the MTA appealed to a judge, who has now sided with the union. The one-person train-operation/ OPTO-ization of subways is actually a sticking issue with the union during these contract negotiations, but it's unclear whether this ruling will affect the talks.

- Female transit workers are complaining that there aren't enough bathroms for them to use on the job. Newsday reports that during a sidewalk rally, workers "held up large photos showing filthy, dilapidated employee lavatories, alongside pictures of pristine facilities they said were typically available to management personnel." We need to find those pictures. Women make up about 5% of the transit workers; they hoped to make an issue of the bathrooms at the union meeting, but we're guessing it's lower on the totem pole.