Time to look at the political beat outside of our five boroughs. First, acting NJ Governor Richard Codey said he will not run for governor next year, instead deciding to let Senator Jon Corzine, the former Goldman Sachs CEO, run on the Democratic ticket. Gothamist is sorry to hear that Governor Codey won't be running, because he got handed a thankless situation when McGreevey stepped down, and Codey has done a great job of galvanizing many people and the media behind him. Plus he's been impressive: He gave his State of the State address without a teleprompter! And who doesn't love the son of Irish immigrants who'll defend his wife's honor by threatening a radio shock jock who made fun of her illness? Now that, Senator Corzine, is chutzpah; see if your millions and millions can bring you that!

In other news, it turns out that the G.O.P. has been paying for the personal assistant of NY's First Lady, Libby Pataki, raising questions of about whether that's the best use of the NY State Republican party's funds, given the lack of up-and-coming Republican talent. Man, Governor Pataki, you're making it so easy for us to dislike you! To the relief of NY State Democrats, the only noise that came from Senator Hillary Clinton's appearance upstate was that she fainted during a speech. She's fine, apparently suffering from a stomach flu, and will be back to polarizing voters soon enough.