The investigation in an alleged terrorist plot by a former lower Manhattan coffee vendor may bring some more arrests. According to the Post, "A 'handful' of men in New York are possible associates of the chief suspect in an alleged plot to bomb commuter trains -- and now are under surveillance....The men being watched are no longer considered dangerous because the plot was disrupted, an official said."

Three apparently went to Denver to help Najibullah Zazi—now in custody on terrorism conspiracy charges—buy bomb ingredients with stolen credit cards while others went to Pakistan with him (Zazi admitted to talking to Al Qaeda during a trip there). There's also apparently video footage of some associates helping Zazi attempt to rent U-Haul trucks in Denver. The NY Times has a story on how the feds gathered many clues in recent weeks, between the raids in Queens and Zazi being charged, and not during a long investigation.

One Queens resident who is under surveillance spoke to ABC News and denied being a terrorist. Naiz Khan said that Zazi happened to come by his apartment "by chance" and that the backpacks and scale the feds found were not for a backpack bomb plot. Khan doesn't know where the scale is from and the backpacks were from a uncle who got them wholesale and were intended as gifts to relatives back in Pakistan.