CIA Director Leon Panetta gave a sobering interview with ABC's "This Week" yesterday, in which he said the US has had no solid intelligence on Osama bin Laden's whereabouts for years. While being interviewed on the program, Panetta summarized the difficulties with the war in Afghanistan, and with the hunt for bin Laden, saying that the last "precise information" US officials had on the terrorist leader was in "the early 2000s": "Since then, it's been very difficult to get any intelligence on his exact location. He is, as is obvious, in very deep hiding ... He's in an area of the tribal areas of Pakistan." But in that case, maybe the CIA should be outsourcing their intelligence to the Osama Hunter.

Gary Faulkner, the 50-year-old "kooky" Colorado construction worker who was caught in Pakistan attempting to hunt down bin Laden earlier this month, appeared on CBS's "The Early Show" to discuss how he could do what the US government has been unable to do thus far. Faulkner, who was caught by authorities armed with a pistol, sword, Bible and night-vision goggles, claimed to have inside help from a wide-net of people, including operatives inside the Pakistani government and military ("Let's put it this way: It's not a 'me.' It's a 'we.'"). He also said he wasn't out to kill bin Laden: "I want to capture him alive and bring him into justice. Just like Saddam [Hussein], who was insane. He went down like a dog, because he was in a hole. He came out. Then he had his big boast in front of the courts and the world and stuff, and he got hung."

Faulkner also boasted that he plans on going back to Pakistan again, and wouldn't stop till he finished the job: "I'm a thief, I'm there to boost him. I don't plan on doing a job because I want to get caught. I'm there to get something. So whether it's to get into someone's house, or a bank or whatever, I'm there to get him." Faulkner has previously been arrested 10 times in Greeley, CO for crimes including burglary and domestic violence. You can see the whole interview below, including some of Faulkner's other philosophical tidbits, such as, "Chicken isn't nothing but a bird, and God hates a coward."