Osama bin Laden's death made the front page of American newspapers, but many East Coast publications had to redo their front pages and sections after President Obama made his late-night address. The NY Times' Brian Stelter Tweeted, "NYT front page is being ripped up and reproduced right now. Six-column, two-row headline," and then the Daily News' Meena Hartenstein Tweeted to him, "We just blew out the first 10 pages." The News went with "ROT IN HELL" while the NY Times' headine ended up being, "BIN LADEN KILLED BY U.S. FORCES IN PAKISTAN, OBAMA SAYS, DECLARING JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE." The NY Post said, "GOT HIM," Newsday settled with "DEAD" and the Star-Ledger referenced Obama's address, "Justice has been done."

Here are more front pages from around the country and world.