The ultra-Orthodox website Behadrei Haredim wanted its readers to know about last week's heat wave, but without any further humidity prompted by local news anchor Marci Gonzalez's neckline. So they solved this steamy problem with the simple Grey Box of Purity. Meanwhile, the souls of the three readers of Behadrei Haredim who have a fetish for what a TV screen looks like immediately after you pop in a VHS tape into a VCR were irredeemably poisoned.

It wasn't just Marci Gonzalez's (WARNING: that link contains neckline) attire that had the Grey Squad on high alert: that neckline behind the desk was also causing trouble. Wouldn't it be easier to just replace all the anchors with men?


For those disappointed by the censored broadcast, here's some 100% uncensored footage that to our knowledge would not rankle the Haredi watchdogs.

[Failed Messiah]