Injecting anti-semitism into a traffic stop didn't work too well for Mel Gibson, and one Queens lawyer who pulled a "reverse Gibson" on a New Jersey state trooper has been suspended from practicing law. Elliot Dear, an orthodox Jew, was pulled over for driving 84 mph in a 55 zone in 2007. The Post reports that several days later, Dear sent the traffic court a letter claiming that the trooper called him a "Jew kike," and said "this prejudice obviously was the cause for the ticket." But Dear didn't expect the conversation to be recorded.

The trooper was in fact wearing a recording device, and the police vehicle also caught the stop on tape by a dashboard camera, so the Internal Affairs Bureau was able to determine that Dear was lying. A panel of judges suspended Dear from practicing for six months, and hopefully ordered him to watch What Women Want twenty nine times, one viewing for each mile-an-hour he drove over the limit.