We know there's a lot of unkosher things happening on Facebook, but one Orthodox Jewish high school in Brooklyn has decided the only way to deal with it is to have an "eternal ban." Thirty-three teens from the all-girls Beth Rivkah High School in Crown Heights have been fined $100 each for using Facebook, and ordered to delete their accounts or else face expulsion. “The Internet is a good way to ruin marriages and families," school administrator Rabbi Benzion Stock told the Post. "We don’t want them there, period. It’s the wrong place for a Jewish girl to be...Socializing on Facebook could lead to the wrong things."

The Hasidic school has had a ban on the site for several years—but since teens will be teens, and more and more students were using it anyway, all 495 students were made to sign a formal contract not to use Facebook this year. After administrators heard last week that girls were still updating their statuses and sharing photos, they decided they needed even harsher penalties: “Girls are getting killed on the Internet — that’s the reason for it,” Stock said.

Many students are obviously unhappy with the ban: “Everyone uses Facebook. It’s a way to communicate,’’ said 17-year-old Chaya Tatik, 17, who was kicked out of Beth Rivkah as a ninth-grader for using Facebook and dressing immodestly. “I communicate with my cousins from Israel, who I don’t get to see that much." Some parents and children pointed out that up till recently, the schools site included a fund-raising banner asking followers to “do a mitzvah!” and sign up for Facebook in hopes of winning money for the school—that has since been taken down.

There are a few other Facebook pages for the school. No word yet on the school's policy on JuggaloBook.