In August, Jimmy Kimmel did a video sketch spoofing Lebron James's consultation with rabbi-to-the-stars Yishayahu Yosef Pinto. In the segment, Kimmel told viewers that he too had met with the rabbi, and then showed a video edited to make it seem that Kimmel was listening to an Orthodox Jew blathering incoherently in Yiddish. Now this man, who is not Pinto but the real-life Dovid Sandek of Borough Park, has surfaced to file a lawsuit against the funnyman for illegally appropriating his likeness from YouTube. Here's Kimmel's segment:

There are a lot of videos on the Internet showing Sandek holding forth on the streets of Brooklyn, where he's known as the "Flying Rabbi," even though he's not technically a rabbi. (Here's the most popular one.) "[Jimmy Kimmel] has caused me difficulty and pain," Sandek tells the Post. "Now they think I'm a joke, a comedian." Judging by all the videos on YouTube and this Facebook page created in his honor, it looks like Kimmel may not be entirely responsible for Sandek's loss of credibility.