A nine-year-old boy on his way to the temple in Williamsburg yesterday was struck and killed by a driver who was operating her vehicle on a suspended license. The accident took place as 54-year-old Novella Bilkerdyk made a left turn onto Wallabout Avenue off Bedford, striking 9-year-old Joshua Ganzfried with her Honda Accord and dragging him under it for a few feet. Police in Brooklyn charged Bilkerdyk with driving with a suspended license after having it taken away from her in 2007 for multiple insurance lapses. The Post talked to a witness who did not want to be named but told them, "The driver got out and started screaming hysterically," as he says Bilkerdyk screamed, "A Jewish boy! A Jewish boy!" Ganzfried was one of seven children from an Orthodox family, dressed in traditional garb as he headed to Saturday services. Neighbors tell the News that the corner the incident took place is notoriously a dangerous spot.