While the case against the NJ man who allegedly confessed to killing little Etan Patz in 1979 is ongoing, the original suspect in the Soho boy's disappearance was released from prison after serving a 27 year sentence for an unrelated sex abuse conviction. And as soon as Jose Ramos was freed from SCI Dallas Prison in Pennsylvania, the NYPD and Pennsylvania State Police re-arrested him, because he didn't list an accurate residence for his post-prison life.

According the NYPD, Ramos claimed he would live with a cousin at 944 Leggett Avenue in the Bronx. But when the Bronx Special Victims Unit went to that address, they couldn't find his cousin. Cops finally tracked the cousin down, who said she moved from there 30 years ago and added, per the police, "that she would not permit Ramos to reside with her, adding that she and her family were frightened by him when he would visit the Leggett Avenue apartment 35 years ago." So Luzerne County Judge James Tupper said, "It was someone who hasn't talked to him in 35 years. They didn't want anything to do with him."

Ramos, 69, is now being held on $75,000 bail, because not providing an accurate address is a violation of Megan's Law—and it's a first-degree felony in Pennsylvania. He was deemed a person of interest when 6-year-old Etan disappeared when walking to a school bus stop because he was dating Etan's babysitter and was arrested while trying to molest some young blond boys.

In 2004, while in prison for molesting two boys, Ramos was found responsible for Etan's death in a wrongful death civil suit filed by the Patzes. A cellmate of Ramos said that he was told Ramos took Etan to his apartment and sexually assaulted him. "Etan is dead, there is no body, and there will never be a body," Ramos allegedly told the cellmate. But in a twist this year, the police arrested Pedro Hernandez, a NJ man who worked in a Soho bodega at the time of Etan's disappearance, for the boy's murder. Hernandez supposedly confessed, but his lawyer says he's schizophrenic.

A reporter yelled at Ramos yesterday, "Did you kill Etan Patz?” and the Post reports he replied, “Does your mother know you’re here?"

Still, the lawyer who represented the Patzes during the civil trial told the NY Times he was glad Ramos was re-arrested, "Given his history, I can only assume he was up to no good."