Nostalgia might be death, but it can also be priceless. Which is why one Oregon heavy metal musician freaked out when a friend forwarded him an Instagram photo of his long-lost favorite vest hanging in a Macy's department store display window. "I got a message from my friend Sergio, 'Meshach, I think I've found your vest!' I looked at the picture and there's no question, it's my vest, all the patches are completely the same," Meshach Babcock, bassist with the band Maniak, told KATU.

Babcock, 23, said a childhood friend gave him the vest years ago ("It was his grandpa's old biker vest"), and it turned into his signature piece of apparel as an adolescent. During a battle of the bands at Oregon City High School, someone stole the vest, which at that point had accumulated dozens of unique patches and some handwriting he put on it. Babcock didn't think he would ever see it again, until his friend passed along the photo and he realized it had become part of a Ralph Lauren Polo display at the Midtown department store.

Babcock started a Twitter account and Facebook page in the hopes of bringing attention to his jacket, and it seems it has worked. Rolling Stone spoke to representatives for both Macy's and Ralph Lauren who said they were willing to give it back if Babcock can show proof it's his jacket: "The jacket was purchased by our creative team," said Ryan Lally, spokesperson for Ralph Lauren. "It was for display, and if he can authenticate ownership, we'll bring this guy his jacket back. It's a fashion hero story."