Earlier this year opossums became Brooklyn's newest threat—since then their #1 spot has been reclaimed by some stealth raccoons, but they may be making a comeback! According to the Brooklyn Paper, the creatures are terrorizing some Carroll Gardens residents. In particular, Rose Unes, and more specifically, Rose Unes's roosting hens.

Unes has a chicken coop in her backyard, and on July 19th an opossum broke in, bit off a hen's head(!) and left it for dead. The survivor of the incident allegedly is so terrified she can no longer lay eggs. Unes was out of town at the time, but her friends were watching her home and coop, and say, “The surprising part was that it didn’t seem to be eaten at all. There were some feathers missing, and its head was bitten off.”

With half of her hens now gone, Unes has declared war on the opossum population... but how does she know it wasn't another creature of the night? She told the paper she's spotted the marsupials patrolling her backyard lately, noting, "They are very ballsy. They look at you with this serious New York attitude.”