The NYPD says it is taking the recent 16.6 percent jump in crime on our subways very seriously. So seriously they've gone and named their response to it, in which an unspecified amount of extra officers will be patrolling the subway, Operation Total Impact. But by Total Impact that don't really mean total...which is to say, don't expect to see the surge of underground police on your daily commutes, they're mostly going to be around on the weekend.

According to the NYPD's crime statistics about 46 percent of subway felonies occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so the NYPD is planning on putting its Total Impact forces out on those days. But realistically stopping subway crime isn't just about having extra officers running around—it also requires riders to be vigilant. Especially actually riding the subway, 62 percent of subway crime occurs on trains. So if you must have your gadget out, please make sure you've got it firmly in your grip—and don't hold it out while standing near the doors!

In addition to the increased police presence, community affairs officers are being dispatched to hand out tens of thousands of flyers pushing people to take more precautions. Cause flyers are always an effective crime deterrent.