In a strange turn of events, a mezzo-soprano who moonlights as a wildlife rehabilitator has absconded with Fred, a pigeon that had become a favorite source of amusement for police assigned to the 9/11 Memorial. Earlier this month Jennifer Dudley, a singer at the Met and City Opera, read about Fred in the New York Post, which reported that officers had been formally reprimanded for goofing around with the bird. After hearing reports that Fred had gone from landing on officers' shoulders to defecating on them, Dudley became concerned about Fred's state of mind, and spent ten days trying to catch the pigeon.

"He was getting more and more depressed-looking, and I said to myself, ‘He’s not feeling well," Dudley tells the Post, explaining that she believes the bird is in the early stages of "a serious bird disease." What disease, the Post doesn't say, but Dudley brought the pigeon to her house in a taxi last week, and has since turned him over to another rehabilitator. And she has no plans to let Fred return to his cop frenemies, because "he doesn’t know how to be a New York pigeon."

She's probably right, because what self-respecting street pigeon would let himself be get snatched up by a mezzo-soprano? A baritone, maybe, we could understand, but come on, Fred. On the other hand, considering Dudley's show-biz connections, this could be Fred's big break! Move over, War Horse, it's time for Lincoln Center's world premiere of Police Pigeon.