MTA chief Jay Walder is hinting that the price of a monthly unlimited MetroCard will go up to $104. Officials say they've been considering two options when it comes to unlimited cards: raising the cost to $104 for a monthly or $38 for 7 days, or putting a cap on the unlimited cards. (A monthly limited "unlimited" card would max out at 90 trips, and weekly limited "unlimited" cards would expire at 21 rides.) But speaking at a meeting of the New York Building Congress yesterday, Agency chief Jay Walder signaled that killing the unlimited was probably no longer an option.

According to City Room
, Walder said, "It’s safe to say there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the capped pass." With the last two public hearings wrapping up last night in Brooklyn and Westchester County, it's now up to the MTA board to make their decision about how to handle their dreaded 7.5% fare hike. Previously, the MTA "leaked" a proposal to raise the cost of a monthly unlimited MetroCard to $130, so $104 seems like a real bargain, right?