360 degree skies - 1000Skies.com

Gothamist works in a cave... the flourescent lights are off (or covered with black fabric) and the windows, which wallpaper the entire office are covered with blinds. This is all fine and good, if we were bears hibernating for the winter. And we know all too many people who are trapped in a window-less office, cubicle, or just have a crappy view of the restaurant vent with leaking congealed grease sputtering out of it. So what is one to do if they are faced with such a dismal, Zoloft-addicting existance? Open the virtual window.

Okay, it's definitely no replacement for the real thing but one option that we choose to refresh our day is going to a webcam site of somewhere nice and popping open the image in a new window and leaving it there for the day. Some popular destinations include Hermosa Beach, which is a larger image than most, and we can actually try to find our little neice and nephew walking on the strand. Also cool is this view in Berkeley, cooler still is the time lapse Quicktime video of the entire previous day's weather where you can watch the fog roll in and out.

Closer to home we like the Circle Line Cam for a free trip on the boat... whee! We also like the Hudson River Park cams. For anyone who hasn't been down there (shame on you), it's definitely worth it to spend some time enjoying yourself in one of our favorite places in the city to relax. There are an endless amount of webcams for you to get lost in. All will at least distract you from the mundane work day but many will give you a window to anywhere you want.

Finally, there is the land of 1000 Skies where you can buy super hi-res images of beautiful wide-open 360 degree panoramic skies. They have everything from different times of day, to stormy skies, to "wild" skies. The shots are truly breathtaking. While they are primarily marketed to computer animators, photographers, and other businesses, Gothamist is seriously considering getting one for his cube. Especially since the photo depicts the company we work for. We could use a breath of fresh air.