2007_11_oprob2.jpgThe two women who are accused of stealing from open houses are looking for deals from the prosecutors.

Previously, one of their lawyers had said they would be pleading not guilty, but half of the "Thelma & Louise" pair (they would both go to open houses, and one would distract the agent while the other stole items) Jennifer Jones is "going to plead guilty to a felony and misdemeanor in a no-jail deal," per the Daily News. The other half, Jessica Joyner, is expected to work out a plea deal as well.

Jones' lawyer Jeremy Saland added that the misdemeanor can be dropped from her record "if she stays out of trouble for a year." He told the Post, "We provided very compelling reasons, and we worked tirelessly so the prosecution could see that this is not a black-and-white case." And the pair are also working on restitution.

The pair have been described as being belligerent, polite and hard-edged. They are also accused of stealing $75,000 worth of goods from an open house in NJ.