You know what they say about the best laid plans, which have a way of going awry for mice, men and apparently, Ed Koch. The former mayor, who was so meticulous in his preparation for death that he had his tombstone engraved years before he actually passed, would not be pleased by the news that someone got the date of his birth wrong by almost 20 years.

NBC New York reports that engraver Tommy Flynn, of Flynn Funeral and Cremation Memorial Services, inadvertently switched Koch's birth year of 1924 with 1942. He said he feels "terrible" about the mix-up and will correct it immediately.

Had Koch actually been born into 1942, he'd have been a spry 70-years-old. At 70, Koch didn't yet have a bridge named after him, and he hadn't even reviewed the movie "Bridesmaids." He also, as NBC pointed out, would have been a child during World War II, though another part of the inscription notes that he served in the war.

In reality, Koch died in February from congestive heart failure at the age of 88. He was buried at Trinity Church in Washington Heights at a plot he bought back in 2008 because, as he told reporters, "the idea of leaving Manhattan permanently irritates me."