We should all be so lucky to board a flight expecting to arrive in upstate New York and wake up in a seaside paradise with a sweaty, rugged Harrison Ford, or at least on a magical island that gives us a chance to atone for our sins while torturing us with a Smoke Monster. That fate very nearly befell one woman, who boarded a flight to Rochester and ended up in Barbados.

The woman in question, Azizgul Hussainzada, doesn't speak English very well, and apparently the experience was quite frightening for her. According to CBS News, she was headed home after visiting her daughter in Oakland, California, intending to connect on a JetBlue flight at JFK Airport.

Unfortunately, when she asked someone for assistance, she ended up on the wrong flight. “When she got off in Barbados, she thought that she was in Rochester,” her son, Noorullah Maqsoodi, told the website. “And she was like, what happened to Rochester? This looks a lot different.”

It does.

Luckily, Hussainzada, who is diabetic and didn't have her medication, ended up making it home. JetBlue refunded her ticket and told her family they'd be reviewing their boarding procedures. Which, considering Hussainzada made it to Barbados without a boarding pass and a passport, seems like a good step, though note that your four ounce conditioner bottle is still a national security threat,

Also note that it's pretty much just stopped snowing in Rochester and, again, Barbados looks like this, so JetBlue's probably made worse mistakes.