2006_06_shellcasing.jpgThis sort of makes us feel better about the mistakes Gothamist makes in our every day life. An FBI agent accidentally fired his gun in front of the Moondance Diner two weeks ago during a bank fraud arrest. Apparently the sting operation got a little dicey when the agent tried to arrest one of the criminals, leading him to draw his gun. But police believe that when the agent went to put his gun back into his holster, the gun accidentally went off. The FBI is unsure where the bullet went - the Downtown Express says the shell casing was found, but the bullet has disappeared. Special Agent James Margolin says, "The best indication is that it went directly into the sidewalk." The sidewalk magically swallowed the bullet! It doesn't sound like the agents found out the injured sidewalk, but we figure the mystery will clear up when someone realizes there's a bullet in a tree or something.