What would we do without our city tabloids? The NY Post reported that many subway blueprints were found on a street corner in Fort Greene. The drawings included "schematics of the Atlantic Avenue subway and Long Island Rail Road station," with "diagrams of the location of station air ducts, accessible manholes and electrical systems." What the hell? And the MTA is worried about people taking pictures of the subway? Gothamist is glad that the NY Post found the maps, because now the public knows that the MTA, like the Board of Education, must not have a shredder. Or imagine the engineer who lost the plans at the MTA meeting: "Um, I know these plans are somewhere..." Or maybe the blueprints magically rolled down the stoop steps from the secret MTA townhouse (so secret, the Post photographed it) in Brooklyn.

For some reason, maps of the subway reminded us of wandering the subway tunnels for fun.