2006_10_bullet.jpgThe police say a police sergeant accidentally fired his gun at a Sunday party in an Upper East Side housing complex. Fifteen year old Luke Saintel had been shot in the leg by what police now say are "spent fragments" of a bullet that hit the floor. The police had arrived after someone complained about 60 people "spilling out" of an apartment, according to the NY Times:

...[A] preliminary analysis of the shooting, including an account by the sergeant’s supervisor, who was standing directly behind him during the encounter, found that the sergeant followed Mr. Saintel down a darkened hallway and drew his Glock service pistol — keeping it at his side with the barrel facing downward — only after he saw Mr. Saintel reach into his waistband as if about to draw a weapon, the police said.

The sergeant was following Mr. Saintel and another person as they disappeared around a corner inside the apartment and went into a living room filled with about 50 young people who were gathered there for a party, the police said. Someone then bumped into the sergeant and his gun went off, discharging one bullet, the police said. It was unclear whether the officer was jostled intentionally or not.

The police also say that Saintel told them he had smoked marijuana at the party (the police could smell it in the room), which his mother denies. A 9mm gun was found in the apartment, but one of the siblings who lived in the apartment said it was from two other residents who stopped by the party.

Saintel is in good condition and now has his own lawyer reviewing the incident. The Manhattan DA's office is also investigating. And two siblings who live in the apartment, Juanita and Raymond Young, were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and obtaining alcohol for minors.